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Our terms and conditions, detailed in the following articles, are designed to provide a clear framework for your interaction with al-dirassa.com. Please take a moment to review these essential provisions:

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Al-Dirassa Institute is operated by MB Tiltas Tarp Kulturu, the rightful owner and legal representative of the al-dirassa.com website. MB Tiltas Tarp Kulturu is a privately held company registered under Lithuanian law with registration number 304071510 and is located at Vokieciu g. 130, Kaunas, Lithuania.


Our Services


MB Tiltas Tarp Kulturu offers a range of premium services accessible through the al-dirassa.com website. These services include online courses conducted via platforms such as Skype and Zoom, with a primary focus on instructing Arabic language, Islamic studies, and the sciences of the Holy Quran. We collectively refer to these services as “Services.”


Our Valued Clients


Individuals accessing our website are recognized as “Clients,” and they have the opportunity to enroll in online Arabic, Islamic, and Quran courses, collectively referred to as “Content,” in exchange for payment.


By utilizing our Content, Clients signify their complete acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined herein. These terms and conditions will always be available on the Site. Please note that al-dirassa.com reserves the right to modify both the Services and the general terms and conditions of sale at any given time.

Adult Audience


The services provided by al-dirassa are intended exclusively for adults. Minors must be represented by their legal guardians.


Registration Procedure


To access our services, customers are required to visit our website, where they will be prompted to complete a registration form. This form should include the following information: full name, email address, gender, and country.


In order to receive the services they have subscribed to, customers must ensure the following:


  1. That their mobile phone, digital tablet, or recipient computer is powered on.
  2. That they have a high-speed internet connection.
  3. That they have the recommended software (Skype and Zoom) installed.
  4. That they are using an up-to-date internet browser.


Additionally, customers must confirm that their mobile phone, digital tablet, or recipient computer is compatible with the specified software.


It’s important to note that if a customer decides to change their mobile phone model, digital tablet, or computer during their subscription period (or even after its conclusion), any content restrictions or limitations that may result from such changes will not entitle the customer to file any claims against al-dirassa.com.

Al-dirassa Offers:


Detailed information regarding the sale of our services can be found on our website. Our commercial offerings encompass:


  1. One-time Purchase: Under this option, customers can select and purchase specific service packages.


The maximum duration for any service package is one month. It’s important for customers to note that the content they order is subject to the terms of the selected commercial offer and has a limited validity period. In all instances, customers must adhere to the provisions outlined in Article 6, titled “Intellectual Property.

The prices applicable to our services are displayed on the website and are quoted in euros, inclusive of all taxes. Services are invoiced based on the prevailing rates at the time of purchase for individual transactions or when subscribing to a service package.

Please note that, as of our current policy, we are not eligible to collect VAT. Therefore, there will be no VAT applied to the price invoiced to the customer. The customer is required to settle the price through one of the payment methods available on the website at the time of purchase or subscription to a service package.

Customers have the right to withdraw from a sale within a period of 7 days. However, it’s important to clarify that we cannot provide a full refund if the student has already commenced their studies. In such cases, refunds will be processed on a pro-rata basis.

All content available on the Site is protected by copyright and industrial property laws, among other legal provisions. It is essential to emphasize that the Quran itself is not sold on the site; it belongs to humanity and resides in the public domain. Only the interactive and data processing methods are subject to current legal protections.


The authorization granted to the Customer for downloading Content does not confer any ownership rights over this content. The Customer is solely authorized to use the Content for personal, non-commercial purposes.


It is of utmost importance to note that, under the threat of legal action, the Customer is strictly prohibited from copying, modifying, diverting, reproducing, displaying, transmitting, or distributing the contents of the al-dirassa.com site in any manner without explicit written authorization from their legal representative.


Customers should be aware that any unauthorized use constitutes infringement and is subject to penalties outlined in the Intellectual Property Code.

While Al-dirassa.com strives to maintain uninterrupted access to the Site, it reserves the right, for maintenance purposes, to temporarily suspend Site access without prior notice. Such suspension will not entail any compensation for the Customer.


Furthermore, Al-dirassa.com cannot be held responsible in the following instances:


  • Customer Misuse: This includes errors in providing recipient mobile phone numbers or email addresses.

  • Site Malfunctions: These include interruptions, delays, absence, or deficient delivery of Content for reasons beyond Al-dirassa’s control, particularly those related to telecommunication network failures.

  • Equipment Damage: Al-dirassa.com is not liable for any damage, including virus contamination resulting from malicious third-party intrusions, that may affect the Customer’s equipment.

Upon registering on the Site, Customers will have the opportunity to receive updates and exclusive offers from al-dirassa.com via email. Customers will also have the option to unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.


Customers possess the right to access, rectify, modify, or delete their personal data, which they can exercise by contacting the designated point of contact as outlined in Article 9.


Rest assured that the personal data of our customers will not be shared with third parties. Your privacy is important to us.

For any questions or complaints, please contact: info@al-dirassa.com.

These general terms and conditions of sale and use are governed by Lithuanian law. Any disputes arising from the commercial relationship between al-dirassa.com, represented by MB Tiltas Tarp Kulturu, and the Customer will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Lithuanian courts.

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Laura Pociene
Laura Pociene
Verified ownerVerified owner

I want to say a big thanks to IMAN

3 weeks ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Alhamdulillah I‘m very pleased with the arabic and Qur’an lessons I receive from teacher Umm Tasneem and I‘m also content with the al-dirassa administration team who were very quick in answering any questions I had. In a month I progressed a lot and I cannot wait to continue my studies with al-dirassa. May Allah reward everyone at al-dirassa.

6 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Very good

9 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

My Qur’an teacher is fantastic, she teaches me in a loving and kind way where I look forward to the lessons and learn so much. My Arabic teacher is equally as nice and has a lot of patience with me, she has great expertise in the field and I’ve progressed really quickly with her. Thank you Al-dirassa!

9 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Some of the teacher are very good

10 months ago

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