Learning Islam online? Does that truly work? By what means can a laptop supplant a live tutor? Most of us do not feel great be taught by someone who is not present before us.


On the whole, these are obvious worries that you have come across every time you tell somebody, “Learn Islam online.” No such replacement is present to the normal learning method that is conducted at your educator’s feet, as well as noticing them in and out of the study hall. This strategy is certainly one of the most vivid learning encounters one could appreciate as a student.



Why joining a class to learn Islam online?



Learning Islam online? Does that truly work? By what means can a laptop supplant a live tutor? Most of us do not feel great be taught by someone who is not present before us.


On the whole, these are obvious worries that you have come across every time you tell somebody, “Learn Islam online.” No such replacement is present to the normal learning method that is conducted at your educator’s feet, as well as noticing them in and out of the study hall. This strategy is certainly one of the most vivid learning encounters one could appreciate as a student.


Periodically, the main spot to consider Islam or Arabic is at a college or madrasa, where expenses and duties are unreasonably high for a normal family. Be that as it may, an online class will bring the study hall into your front room by giving every minute of an everyday plan with lofty mentors who have broad experience.


The coaches, moreover, can give one-on-one mentoring to grown-ups or kids, as required. Some online Islamic courses offer the best e-learning accessible.


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In addition to the free Arabic courses, we offer you to begin your journey to fluency in Arabic right now for free with a graduated Egyptian teacher.


Why should you learn Islam online?


Worldwide training has quickly moved to advanced learning. Studies exhibit that the normal measure of time spent utilizing on-screen correspondence and learning is relentlessly developing the world over. The online class will associate understudies accustomed to adapting essentially, or even altogether, through online stages. The educational program is planned with the e-student on the web, which is why we give every minute of everyday backing and booking.


Set aside time and cash when you contrast education costs from strict schools and moderate rates offered by numerous eminent online Islam courses. At long last, you can be sure that you’ll be placed on the correct track to prevail with an all-around experienced online coach, as your online Islamic classes start with an assessment of your aptitudes and close with a rating of your productivity and capacity.


What are the advantages of learning Islam online?


Through online teaching, several students from different parts of the world can learn Islam without any need to leave their homes. People who travel internationally to teach Islam find it very difficult-staying away from their families for a long time. Some also feel that they are actually neglecting their family to teach Islam to others.


It forces them to look for a job that is closer to their home or something that needs less traveling. But through online education, they have students worldwide, but daily they get to spend time with their family and do not have to travel and leave their home.


So there are many advantages of online Islam education. There might be some issues that can get resolved once better technology and programs are developed. Many love this online system as they do not have to leave their homes, and it also suits most people’s lifestyle as they do not wish to leave their job to study Islam.


Nowadays, most people are part of various online Islam teaching forms or considering because its pros overpower its cons. Thus people who wish to learn Islam but do not find much time can learn it online at https://al-dirassa.com/en as they will provide a proper description of the ablution, ways of praying, learn surah al Fatiha along with other actions of the prayer.



Top 5 reasons you should join Islamic courses online



As online learning is a rising trend, several online Islamic academies offer different facilities to all eager to learn Islamic courses. It is such a different experience as compared to the traditional classroom environment. A learner has the complete freedom to schedule the classes as per the convenience without moving anywhere.



1.    Lowers the Expense of Home Tuition


control your budget


Most of the parents prefer home tuition for their female kids. Getting a tutor to come home might prove to be a more expensive option. They might charge a double fee for teaching Islamic texts.


Also, a tutor who is coming to your home has a chance of missing a class due to traffic or some health issue. But in the case of education of Islamic courses online, there is nothing happen like this.


Several online Islamic academies offer affordable courses at the most convenient time.


Not all cities have a university or a Madarsaa teach Islam. Most of the time, the students have to travel to a different city to educate themselves. This process of shifting and sustaining in a new city takes a toll on the pockets. Through internet courses, one can sit back at their home, in their city, and still learn Islam.


So, here are a few things that lead us to conclude that learning Islam on the Internet is possible because there is nothing that the internet takes away from the essence of Islam and its learning. Contrary, the internet makes learning more effective and interesting. The Internet makes the students stick to the syllabus by the interactive ways of education and saves a lot of money in most cases.



2.      Helps in Saving a Lot of Time



Time-saving is also one of the priorities for students or peers as they also have to manage with the other chores.

An individual taking online Islamic courses means one is choosing a smart way to save time.

There is no need to travel long distances as one can learn Islamic texts at home.

You can join easy to follow and use the course and get study material and training by experts. This is something that you can enjoy and make learning better.



3.      Finding a Qualified Tutor is easier online


learn online arabic



Finding an excellent Islamic tutor offline might be a time-consuming affair. Maybe days, weeks, or even at times, a few months. However, in online Islamic academies, you will get well-qualified tutors with years of experience in teaching Islam.


They teach students as per their needs and requirements. You can get yourself registered for online classes. This will surely bring the advantage of choosing the right tutor.


These professionals are qualified and know how to make a simple learning process for beginners or advanced students.


4.      Reduces the Security Concerns


Another challenge that female students have to suffer while attending offline classes is the security concern. A female kid or adult might be living in an area where it is not secure to travel alone or move freely outside.


For all those security reasons, parents don’t allow their girls to attend the regular offline classes. Online classes for Islamic courses are entirely different from the conventional routes. It will enable the students to learn from anywhere at any time. The whole learning environment at online Islamic academies is secure for all.


There is nothing to worry about as these sources or online platforms are reputed, and they try maintaining their online reputation. You can research to find the best online source or platform that can provide you safe training and offer safe payment modes. This is very simple and secure.



5.      Studying online opens up myriads of scope to simultaneous referencing


When you are learning a course, the primary thing is to relate and read a lot of material to grasp it better. So when you study online, you can browse onto some other texts, documents and read a different explanation. The entire knowledge gathering session online becomes a process of searching for reading many books and getting a better view and understanding. It also enables one to be independent with the urge to quench the thirst for knowledge, unlike a home tutor where the majority is just spoon-fed.



6.  24X7 service


Whenever we set ourselves a target of achieving a goal, we must have that mindset of learning about the goal and reaching the goal whenever and wherever we can. The Internet, in this case, is the helping hand. Conventional Universities or Madrasas which give Islamic education have defined time of study and faculty interaction. If there is a doubt that is stuck deep in your head, then you will have to wait for the next day to come to get the doubt clear. Through the internet, these doubts can be cleared 24X7, for as many times you want to explain the doubt. This will decrease your time to learn Islam and make you prepared for the next day to come and will open you up to grasp the next part of Islam.


7. Level wise programs


Learning Islam is not a cakewalk and requires diligence and effort to make it through the hard work. Online courses make learning a smart flow.


The learning that a person needs to know Islam is divided into sub-levels of Beginners, intermediate, and Advance.


Pupils can choose according to the topics covered in the said level and start learning Islam more effectively.



8. No loss of interest



The modern ways of multimedia education on the internet, with all its animations, make learning an interesting prospect. There is less loss in concentration, and the people who sit to learn through the Internet can learn things more quickly as the interest is always there. Also, the students in this internet-based education can control the flow of education and take as much time as possible to learn the same thing without being dependent on the teacher directly.



Thus with the above mentioned top 5 reasons, you should join Islamic courses online.


What is al-dirassa Islamic online program?


importance of Arabic and Quran


The online Islam program at Al-dirassa covers a wide scope of subjects that are foundations for all Muslims. It is restricted to Aqidah (Creed), Science of Hadith, Science of Tajweed, Tafseer, Fiqh, and Islamic History.


Every single subject is separated into a few Islamic classes that take place online and go from fundamental information to cutting edge information.


The online classes at Al-dirassa will offer you a lot of things:



  1. The Creed – Aqueeda

  •                 An introduction to the creed
  •                 The pillars of faith
  •                 Names as well as attributes of Allah
  •                 Purification of the soul


  1. Islamic Jurisprudence-Fiqh

  •                 History of Islamic legislation
  •                 Cleaning along with prayer, fast, and pilgrimage
  •                 Fiqh of family
  •                 Study of the basis of Islamic law and its goals


  1. Science of Hadith

  •                 Hadith’s terminology
  •                 Study 40 hadiths that are compiled by Imam An Nawawee


  1. Islamic History

  •                 Biography of the Prophet peace is upon him.
  •                 History of the 4 caliphs



So learning Islam is currently accessible online through Skype or Zoom. The online classes that are conducted via Skype are offered to both non-Arabic as well as Arabic speakers. Likewise, we propose the best books to think about Islamic sciences slowly. Subsequently, at Al-dirassa, we will help you to improve your comprehension of Islam. In this way, you can also select the various subjects related to Islamic sciences. Our online Islamic learning aims to provide all students with a proper idea of the Islamic faith as per the Quran and-Sunnah. Thus you will be able to study Islam online with our experienced Azhar university graduated tutors.

The Al-dirassa Center offers online Arabic, Quran and Islam courses for non-Arabic speakers. If you would like to join our course, please contact us.

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