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In the previous lesson to learn Arabic, we come across a second type of vowel used to vocalize consonants. We have previously seen the short vowels of the Arabic alphabet. We will now see the end-of-word vowels, also called tanween in Arabic.


Double vowels are signs marking the end of words only. They are made up of short vowels to which we add the sound “N.” Thus, the short vowel “oo” (damma) gives the double vowel “oon,” the short vowel “a” (fatha) gives the double vowel “ane,” and the short vowel “I” (kasra) gives the double vowel “een.”

The three types of Tanween

The double vowel “oon” is called “dammatan” in Arabic:


The double vowel “een” is called “kasratan” in Arabic:


The double vowel ‘ane” is called “fathatan” in Arabic:


Tanween – doubling of final vowels



tanween - doubling final vowels
tanween symbols

This double end-of-word vowel mark is called in Arabic “Tanween.” It is used in particular to define the determination of names. It indicates whether it is a defined or undefined name. It is not useful for us to understand how tanween is used now. However, it is our job to learn to read it correctly.


Warning: you will find that the double vowels are the addition of the same two vowels except for the double fatha called fathatan, which is composed of two fatha followed by an Alif. There is also an exception to this ending alif when the double fatha – fathatan – is the letter’s vowel (ةً).

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Tables of Arabic letters with the Tanween


You can listen below to all the letters of the Arabic alphabet with the double vowels at the end of a word – tanween:


In the next lesson, we will learn long vowel marks in the Arabic language inshaAllah.


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