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So you have decided to learn Arabic. Do you know that Arabic is the official language of 25 countries, and there are almost 420 million Arabic speakers across the globe? It is great to learn a new language. It is a great and fun experience, but some languages are somewhat hard to memorize, and one of them is Arabic.


Arabic is a language with a non-Latin alphabet. The thing that makes Arabic counted among the hard languages to learn is the exclusion elimination of vowels. So an Arabic student will basically face the problems to memories the vocabulary. To learn a language perfectly, a person needs to learn its memorization. A student needs to learn ways to memorize Arabic vocabulary easily. Here are some ways that will help a student in learning Arabic memorization easily.



Is learning Arabic difficult?



Some regard this language as “gibberish” for the simple reason that it differs from Indo-European languages. Therefore, for many beginners, learning Arabic would be considered difficult (if not impossible). However, these are just clichés carried by some. Scientific methods developed by language specialists have shown that learning Arabic is a process that is different from learning other languages ​​as European languages.


Learning Arabic vocabulary is an essential step in being able to speak this language. Unfortunately, many learners find it difficult to memorize the basic lexicon of this beautiful language. However, there are learning methods developed according to scientific parameters based on cognitive science, psychology, and techniques that allow you to learn Arabic vocabulary efficiently and quickly.


After a quick review of this beautiful language, I will explain some methods to memorize and learn vocabulary in Arabic effectively and in record time.



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Focus on the Arabic language



The Arabic language has expanded with the advent of Islam that has spread across the globe. Besides, it is currently spreading through migratory movements and various Arab origin communities in the West.


This language comes in two variants: standard modern Arabic, literal or classical Arabic, and popular Arabic (or rather “Arabic dialects” because there are several variants).


Literal Arabic is the national and official language in all the countries that constitute the Arab world. It is the language used in literary, in the press, the administrative correspondence, etc.


Popular Arabic, meanwhile, is the one that is used every day. It consists of words coming from several sources but whose dominance remains, however, literal Arabic. Thus, we can think of it as a patchwork of words.


Consequently, these two variants, literal Arabic and popular Arabic, coexist in different Arab countries.



How to learn Arabic quickly?



1. Learn Arabic quickly with the list of 500 most used Arabic words



All languages spoken throughout the world include a “basic list” with the most used words in everyday conversations. It is the concept of “the list of words” that all learners must memorize to speak the language of their choice.


For the Arabic language, there is a list of about 500 words. This list is composed of 500 words that practically come back to all conversations. This list is excellent support for learning Arabic quickly. To do this, you only need to memorize 15 words a day.



2. Learn Arabic words by category classification



To learn Arabic quickly, it is interesting to adopt a technique that allows you to memorize vocabulary effectively: the system of flashcards. This technique’s effectiveness is that it will enable you to quickly come out of your memory the Arabic words that you learned.


This technique is based on active recall, whose results are very effective. It also allows you to work on the pronunciation of the Arabic words you want to learn. It relies on reactivity in answering an asked question and on entertainment. This technique is a bit similar to posting post-it objects with their translation. Do you see the idea? The method of active recall is among the most effective modern means for memorizing Arabic words.


learn arabic


3. Learn Arabic words inserted into standard phrases



Learning and memorizing the “basic list” of the most used Arabic vocabulary words is an essential and necessary but not sufficient step. In fact, learning single words is not enough to learn a language. For more impact, it would insert the learned words in sentences to make sense of these words and directly so that they can be used to express an idea or to hold a conversation.


Thus, it is essential to insert the words in standard phrases that will allow you to express yourself in the Arabic language. The most-used phrases in everyday conversations can be established to facilitate your Arabic language learning in record time. These typical sentences will help you to adapt to different situations in which you could find yourself. This method to learn Arabic quickly through the ready phrases avoids a disability (so to speak) suffered by many Arabic language learners, that of not controlling the rules of grammar and conjugation. However, you do not need to master the rules of grammar and conjugation to express yourself between us. At least not in the first months of your learning. Thus, learn the phrases you need to meet your level in the Arabic language, your goals, and your needs (without the need to focus on grammar and conjugation).



How to memorize more vocabulary in Arabic?



1. Hear and relate 


You will easily memorize a word when you relate the word with something your mind already knows. When you hear a word for the first time, make sure that you hear the correct pronunciation by having the word repeated multiple times. After that, practice is yourself you repeating it numerous times internally or loudly to achieve perfection and make sure you relate it with the context it was being used to know the right use of the word.



learn with fun2. Read, read, and read


Reading is the best way to master vocabulary. Begin with things according to your level. If you are just starting, begin by reading children’s stories, quotes, blog posts, or social media posts on Twitter and Facebook. When you get perfect in this, begin reading articles, books, newspapers, and magazines, and when you come across a new word, write it down.


3. Prepare your own phrases and sentences 


When you come across a new word and write it down also along with it, write down its translation and expression in which the word is used. This will help you in using the word correctly and let you understand the word perfectly. If you face a problem using the word, then use it in numerous sentences until you use it right.



4. Flashcards


You must know about flashcards. Flashcards are highly helpful in memorizing a word because they make students remember the word’s view and meaning. For memorizing vocabulary, using flashcards is greatly recommended.



5. Straight repetition


Not every person likes this method, but it is effective. For centuries people have been using this method to memorize words, facts, and even entire books. Effectively, you are trying to memorize vocabulary. Its recurrent repetition makes your mind raise a good understanding of the word, making it easy for you to remember and recall whenever you require.


To memorize every day a list of words in Arabic (between 10 and 15), it is essential to observe a spaced repetition system by establishing a calculated schedule. Then it is possible to revise the words in your “basic list” just before you forget them.


Thus, the brain remembers and memorizes the words that you want to learn in the long term.



6. Use cognates 


The words that have a similar meaning in pronunciation and spelling of different languages are known as cognates. Do you know that many words of the English language are originated from the Arabic language? So by using cognates, you can memorize vocabulary easily.



7. Use onomatopoeia 



In the Arabic language, when you pronounce some words, they give out their meaning. When these words are pronounced, one can identify their meaning. So to memorize, you can use visualization of the word and understand its right meaning.



8. Revise daily 


You need to revise yesterday’s words, their meaning, and the right vocabulary for memorizing vocabulary. To learn the right vocabulary, it is important to memorize it perfectly and for this, revising is the best way. So revising previously learned vocabulary will help you memorize it perfectly.



These are a few ways to memorize Arabic vocabulary. You should learn, practice, and use these words to remember them. Keep revising the things that you have learned so far. You should choose the right platform to find out the best phrases and words.



The best way to expand your knowledge and vocabulary in the Arabic language 


You can set up your Arabic language learning by practicing up in various online programs that are available. There are many crash programs accessible that can assist you to study Arabic at a quick pace. Although you might not understand the art of speaking the Arabic language effortlessly,  you will certainly be accustomed to the terminologies to know more words and frame the most frequently practiced sentences. Considering these courses is a sensible choice if you want to express the Arabic language fluently. Nevertheless, if you need expertise in Arabic speaking, you will have to vocalize the words quite frequently and mix and speak with individuals who are better at it. This approach will surely help you expand your domain of Arabic vocabulary more and their usage.



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