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Sukoon over the letter

Welcome to our 5th lesson of the Arabic free course. Previously we already studied the letters of the Arabic alphabet, short vowel marks, tanween, and long vowel marks. In our new lesson, we discuss the absence of vowel – the sukoon in arabic.

We saw previously how to vocalize with a short vowel mark (a – or -i). We also know how to create a sound composed of a consonant and a vowel:

the Arabic letter ba (ب) carrying a fatha gives the sound BA:


the Arabic letter ba (ب) carrying a kasra gives the sound BEE:


the Arabic letter ba (ب) carrying a damma gives the sound BOO:


Definition of the Sukoon in arabic

Now how to give the sound “BAB”? To formulate this sound we take the Arabic letter


then the letter


on which we will put the symbol of the Sukoon


Therefore BAB will be written:


Be careful, you can see that we are starting to join two letters and therefore you can see that:

  • Arabic words are written from right to left
  • Arabic letters change shape when connected with other letters




Arabic word example




Nose House Mosque Translation
/Anfun/ /Baytun/ /Masĵidun/ Phonetic

This Arabic lesson is now finished. The next one will be insha’Allah about the doubling of the Arabic letter – the Shaddah.

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