the shaddah in Arabic

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We will see in this 6th lesson, the doubling of the Arabic letter. That is to say when an Arabic letter carrying a Sukoon and followed by the same Arabic letter carrying a vowel:


بْ + بَ


The Shaddah symbol represents this doubled letter.

The rule of the Shaddah


the Shaddah symbol
The Shaddah above the letter

In Arabic, to make writing and reading more fluid and easy, we will see a fusion of these two identical letters. Thus, the Shaddah symbolize this fusion of the two letters. Consequently, it is the doubling of the Arabic letter.


We will see in this lesson the particularity of the Arabic language.


In English, to write a doubling of a letter, it suffices to juxtapose two identical letters as in the word: “intellectual” where there is a doubling of the letter L.


In Arabic, it will be written by a symbol called Shaddah:



This symbol is inscribed only above the Arabic letter. Usually placed below the short vowel marks, in the case of the kasra, it is necessary to write the Shadda above the letter and the kasra under the Shaddah (and not below the Arabic letter).

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